Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Voice

A voice
inside my head
to me
who are you 
trying to fool?
don't you think 
it's been long enough?
don't you think 
it's time to give up?
girl, take off your scarf
I heard the voice laugh-
cruel and sharp
it pierced a hole 
right through my heart
stop pretending to be 
solely for the sake of others...
stop pretending to be
someone you're not-
blot it all out.
I heard the voice shout
stop lying to yourself!

Perhaps you could 
don a balaclava
the voice said
it might suit, 
start to loot 
this world
become a criminal
become a mute
a non-identity
is hard to find
for every kind
of costume 
carries weighty 
it's not you're fault
that there's no 
way of living
and now
this is the result 
you remain static 
not wanting 
or able 
to move backwards 
or forwards
the conundrum 
of the ascetic who gave 
up the world 
whose certainties soon
began to unfurl
and who slowly 
began to forget
how could you let
this happen?