Monday, 24 December 2012

Rise up

See, it's hard for me to explain
all the demons that I'd slain
Back when I was seeking
Back then I gained
so much with each new sacrifice
I would not only suffice
I would rise
up from the ashes
reborn, torn from that dark past
I never thought I'd outlast
those voices that would resound
in this head. They were so loud
I was proud
of myself
for the first time in my life
I felt like I was alive
I felt I finally I undersood
the wise 
and the wise words
I was once taught
by my ancestors, prophets
pilgrims and brethen
See, I fought and conquered
my lower self
-with a quiet stealth-
I fought and I won
But slowly everything I ever
worked for came undone
I tried again and again
to regain what left me,
what once was
but despite all my efforts
I failed to be there
and now I live in fear
that I'll be forever lost
whether or not I give up
and gain nothing
from giving
and giving up
See, only those who have
that grace, will face
the misery of uncertainty
perhaps till eternity