Tuesday, 18 December 2012

That One Friend

T- my dear friend from the past
I had a dream about you last
night. It was beyond weird
You were there with J
in some anonymous place and
you wore that same dangerous smile
on your face. 
Somedays I wish things would
go back to the way they were
Back when we were mates
Back when we'd be out adventuring
till late
-bunking off school 
and breaking all the rules.
Funny how things happened
Long ago we used to be friends
but then fate intervened 
and tore us apart
then brought us together again
in the strangest of ways
and then I went away
and you stayed 
and now I don't know where 
you are again.
I understand
that maybe we're not meant 
to be friends
Maybe we're bad for each other
But maybe we're due another