Thursday, 8 May 2014

what more can I ask?

there in that courtyard
of the hospital
in the quiet
in quiet parallels
fear fades and hope swells
there in that courtyard
walls, all scarred
the empty screams
peeling paint
the shadow leans
 and a soul faints
but screw it 
I thought
and went over to yours
and we watched ragged men
sing songs of lahore
you phillipino, girl
half indian
me, somewhere else
both happy then
I know happiness
and its that
singing with you
speaking to toku
wandering in the rain
by the fallow deer
wondering with no care
in the world, no commitments 
no worries, going slow, in no hurry 
no care, I flare
up in there
and so I don't care
if it goes away
as long as my feet can still carry me
and I can laugh with you
what more can I ask for?