Sunday, 11 May 2014

side walk of life

your poems, 
they compensate 
for feelings you don't have
you said 
where did your heart go?
numb, you're numb 
and so you write to become
midnight travelling bum
you're nowhere in particular
you feel nothing
but sometimes sadness
when the phone keeps ringing
ring ring ring ring
and no one picks up
but sometime sadness
when you come home 
and there's no one around
but sometimes sadness 
when your looking at the lake 
and experience an ache 
in the crux of your being
your soul, your soul, your soul
but sometimes happiness
a hug, a pat on the head
kind words, certain memories
ten thousand unplanned adventures
with friends from everywhere
but happiness sometimes
when you're on the road
wondering alone
up the side walks of life
and it's beautiful
and magical
too deep to speak of
too free, too free, too free
and coming together
with your true self
being your true self