Sunday, 11 May 2014

adult world

when did that happen
when did that happen
            adult things to say
should I lend you money 
                      for the rent
you'll make a good mum
                                 are you really 
                going to be a mum
unable to process
six months 
and things like
are you going to get a divorce
did he relapse
did she force
             you to say yes
adult things to say
and they 
come out so (un)natural
like sure, I'll baby sit
sure, I can skip
the next few years

meet someone?
get married?
           nah, I don't know about that
I don't know about stuff like that
marriage and kids
careers and shit
nahh, he was right
                        I'm just a kid
just a kid exploring 
sometimes adoring
all that surrounds

what do I know
    about adult things to say....

 not much, I'll tell you that