Sunday, 18 May 2014

backpack life and piety

backpack life
I travel light
within my bag
the sum
of all I posses
some clothes
where I'll end up
who knows
and so I ask 
can I stay over tonight?
and girl you say
sure, of course
you know you don't hafta ask
and at night
at night we have a laugh
on the swings by your estate
and I'm humbled by your state
of pure piety
and I can see
I've fallen 
and there on another hill
northala, we could still
chat like we used to
on the hills of northola
we're older
so much older
but still so young
and so you make me pray
I make you say
you'll make me good
make me better
and so we recite surahs
 at dawn, late at night
cameroon girl
back then you changed my life
and who would have imagined
all these years later
we'd end up here
you and I
sam and sy

here I am
still living a backpack life

hood rat
get it back
                      real faith