Monday, 24 February 2014

where I (don't) go

the smell 
of the book of Mormon
three luxury hot chocolates
talking about faith
and stuff, like pilgrimage
and light
and after the journey ends
before you go home
come see me
and I'll show you 
the city, 

jerk chicken 
by the tent in the green
and hanging out in a dream
falling asleep
           some place
and the canal 
and the canal
and the canal at night
and the canal

and south and west and east and west

I went back for you
you didn't show
so I left real quick
I didn't really know
                        where to go

where I go

there, with strangers
funny how they are 

when strangers
aren't so

funny, life
the strums of his guitar
like walking ahead, so far

and then going back again
and there in the gold light
legs stretched out
towards the chapel 

there with pretty rose
sweet rose
hope grows
            and     so will you

SPRING is here