Monday, 3 February 2014

new start #746

another new start
a hundred and ten new faces
another new start
the one I been waiting for forever
no I never
thought I'd arrive here
at present time

this is what I been working for

but wait----

an email from frog life
                            in westgate

but wait----

a conversation in the Waterloo Millennium green
with old scruffy mister tommy with rheumatism
he looked like Fagan
talked like him too
smelt like him too
with crutches and wrinkles
can't remember if he wore shoes
one hundred and one years old
with a mouth on him
but I didn't want it to stop moving 
but time was running out, as ever
and so I shook his worn ancient hand
and said another goodbye 

old man fagan
I won't tell you when I fly
I won't ask you to come along
--------sorry I didn't mean to lie

another new start
its the in-betweens that matter
like running under the stars at night
and talking to old man fagan about life

its the in-betweens that matter

but wait-----