Wednesday, 26 February 2014

encounters, that count for--- something

these days
these nights
something else
there's light
in every strange encounter
elder stradler, 
elder terry
two young american guys
who preach day and night
we prayed by the road side
i told them about my book
they told me about God
we set a date
for tea, to watch, to watch
the light grow
and differences
that aren't
stradling and terry
where did you guys come from
how did you end up here
in tooting one night
talking to me like
you guys are long-lost mates
I promise its not too late
to see it, through our eyes
we prayed by the roadside
we laughed and tried
to make sense of it----
but the magic kind
and the magic of the trippy lights
of london before
walking and walking forever
taking a picture whenever
i thought i saw something 
beautiful and weird
but not another stranger
who sat next to me
a professor
a woman named H
...each day be strange
but then
waiting in the cold
cold cold cold
but waiting in the cold
I remeber