Tuesday, 4 February 2014

trippy day #970

the trippy moments that made up a day
 proper tired
nahhhh I can't be bothered to relay
the trippy moments that made up a day
there are too many
but let me get it down
before I forget
bethnal green to cambridge heath
hanging out in that cafe 
where I once met E
we discussed debts in the past
now here, everlast
a derelict building, a cool factory
of design, 
a Lithuanian church
more than slightly sublime
a computer framed in gold
like a Samuel Palmer
but moving and mundane
and some
street art, before hackney, and another church
a treehouse, a pond and chickens
 cluck cluck
and then a bus bus
to St Paul's in the eve, 
across the bridge
over the river
thinking about you all
while moving with cold wind
a hundred narrow alleys
london. is. weird.