Sunday, 11 December 2016

old school wanders II

the gates were open
I went in this time
it didn't feel like my school
nothing was dilapidated
grey was now saturated
everything was shiny
everything is new
the security guard saw me
and opened the window
I know I know I know
I pointed ahead smiling
as though
I knew where I was supposed to go
he just smiled and nodded
and I continued
towards the hall
in it there were a hundred strangers
strangers at twilight
in my old new school
real life
doesn't exist
and so I stood outside the door
I looked to the ceiling and the floor
she stared, a woman at the desk
and on the stage ahead
old men were playing violins
and other instruments
nah, i never went in
I walked out
for it was time to begin
again again again