Friday, 23 December 2016

it will one day come (inshAllah)

will i ever change
will I ever change
     will I always wander
will i always be blamed
for falling short
will I always resort 
to writing
will I always write 
in spite 
          of what it takes away from me
will i ever seek comfort
                            in a lasting eternity 
in more than just
those everyday miracles
that evoke spiritual 


ever healing
never feeling
but always believing
it will one day come

will I ever change
will I ever change 
will i always wander
will I never remain
    <in one place> 
in one time/ in cosmic space

will I always withdraw
will I always ensure
that no one gets too close
will I always close 
the door behind me
will I always choose to be free
instead of loved wholly
is it a choice 
is it either or and
will i ever, will i ever, will i ever
will I ever stand 
                      on solid ground
or will I just float on
until I'm gone
from this world

<<<<<<<Ya Allah, please find me again.