Sunday, 11 December 2016

a day well spent (hometown reveries)

life unfurls in tooting
        all is noise
in tooting
all is noise,
             I tried muting
        out the whole world 
save the sound of the wind
and the cry of the sun 
                          save the sum
of the elements 
inside and out 
 a series of encounters
        removed all doubt
                      that life is unmoving 
that history is reducing 
us to mere cogs, sequences
             so I found myself
in spaces the living (and non living) traverse
the denstists
 the cemetery
the light streams
the ancient trees
whisper secrets 
to one another
the wind carried them away
the sun had nothing to say
<an elemental cry>
the hospital
the sky is pink
the prayer room occupied
and that small chapel 
an old man on a trolley bed
that painting on the wall
<of a lone figure by the sea>
and the primary school at twilight
there it was still
there it was, that deformed snail creature
molded from my child hands
the last stop: the college 
everything is darkness
/////cutting the glass
soldering the broken pieces
watching them pass by
lives on short leases
moments that make up
a brief eternity
to live eternally

in a single day, in tooting
////// hometown reveries