Friday, 30 November 2012

Man Versus Machine

Man, I'm just so damn tired
of forever being wired
to this godforsaken wireless world
of unreality.
Here I await a fatality
Here I await my finality
Here, in this banality
I live, in this maddening
wireless world

In this wireless world
to connect is to forget
what living means
as a human being
screams all around,
so much noise, but no sound
no real sound, can be found
in this unreality

And in the absence of the sacred
you can make it by remaining aloof,
let loose, unplug,
to remove yourself from the system
and to find your own wisdom
from above or within
is to win, in this war
between man and machine
to be free, to see

Fight for it,
a life outside this crazed
wireless world of unreality...