Friday, 30 November 2012

Chance Encounter

Ny, you walked right by
me today at the station-
I tugged you,
you turned around
and I hugged you.
We talked
but I never got the chance
to say sorry-
I'm sorry that I missed your wedding
it was doing my head in
thinking about how to break it to you.
There's no reason good enough,
There's no excuse.
My dear, 
you know this year
I've missed quite a few
and the guilt I have accrued
has been great
but to tell you the truth
I don't like weddings
they make me feel strange
and out of place. 
I never know what to wear
or what to say or what to do
I just hang about awkwardly
and wait till it's through
I just wait for the
Muslim equivalent of 'I do'
before zipping on out of there
this much is true.
But I'm sorry still
I should have gone against my will
and cancelled those 'important plans' 
I had made
and instead been there for you 
on your big day.
I didn't realise how much I missed you
and your blue eyes
until I saw you today
after nearly a year (and a half)
I hope you're happy dear
I really do
and I hope life works out for you
through and through.
With love