Friday, 30 November 2012

Lahore, I miss you.

 I miss you.
I miss your colour
I miss your magic
I miss your people 
I miss your dusty streets
and I miss your stifling heat
I miss your warmth.

I miss your kingdom
I miss your children 
I miss their smiles and their wiles
Lahore I miss walking for miles
to Shalimar Gardens
through a labyrinth of markets 
that harden 

Where I am now
Where I've been
Will I ever understand
what it all means?

I miss the creatures that roam
I miss home.
I wonder, 
is it possible to feel homesick
towards a land so derelict
so ill-equipped
for a dreamer
like me? 
If only I could make you see-

Lahore, I miss your heart
But is it really possible for me to start
a new life in your land
and yet remain how I am
how I think 
and how I live? 
How can I give 

Lahore I want a piece of you
I want to buy a piece of you 
and create a magical place
a sacred space
a school filled with joy and learning
Lahore, I will never stop yearning 
for you
for this dream. 

I'd create a nature reserve 
where I'd serve 
up natural ideas and 
spiritual delights
and I'd share with friends,
such beautiful sights.

Lahore I miss you, I do. 
Lahore, I have so many plans
I can't tell you
But you know they always fall 

Time is ticking Lahore
What does the future have in store
for me?

I'm scared 
I'll get distracted and forget
the promises I made to the children I met
by the banks of the river Ravi.

Should I really go away
to do an MA 
in Creative Writing
or should I keep fighting 
to make this dream a reality(?)...