Saturday, 11 November 2017

spinning with eternity, eternally

sitting on the floor
  of the silver hive 
the little boy who dreams 
         with      eyes       wide
open, to know them 
    is to know 
the secrets of the universe
to know them
is to know
a single molecule
brings form to the cosmos               <<<>>>>
                                                            (the blinding light streams in) 
where he       goes, 
                   none can follow
   sitting on on the floor 
of the silver hive
the little boy who dreams
  eyes dancing, senses in overdrive
 so still, so silent, so faraway
the ground beneath him sways
all around
musical atoms surround
the buzzing of the bees confound 
   with their hidden language, 
     beautiful and rich
all of a sudden a switch
occurs, ———————
up he scrambles and proceeds to ramble
he moves arm hand up and down / heaven bound
  and starts to spin
with the bees, with the music 
    he loses it, 
he finds it
spinning, hands clasped
he spins fast 
so fast, to grasp (to learn/ to unlearn)
the music sounds, the bees buzz 
round and round and round
he spins he spins 
he grins, in a trance
I watch him dance, 
with the wind, 
with the music
with the bees
with eternity 
the little boy who dreams
with eyes wide open
to know them
you can never know them

Kew Gardens, The Hive (inspired by a boy with downs syndrome who dances with eternity)