Tuesday, 10 March 2015

searching, even still

travelling solo
don't know where I'm going yo
                                  I'm still trying            though
to figure it out 
on my way, 
hood up, I stay 
at the back
head up looking at the sun
I'm still that same bum
still I've yet to come
round full circle, 
though the circle
is fast closing
so still I, 
                                                   continue roving
these city streets
those city streets, up rivers, I keep
staring at the same sun
wondering how I'd managed to out run
them all, yet at the same time
be so far behind
                                                      still here
right here
I swear
I still have no idea

------shit man, 
life, it still alludes me
though its beauty
                                           keeps me going
too late, to be slowing
too little, I be knowing
even still