Friday, 8 August 2014

what about my cat?

three beautiful little boys
brothers, with curly hair
dimples and an air
of care
                  free, three
                                                      beautiful little boys
their smiles brought about joy
                  pure and simple          
                                      each a symbol
of all things right
in the world,
                                      it was almost like
 their smiles eluded peace
I said 'where are you kids from?'
(perhaps somewhere in the middle east?)
they pointed upwards 'that estate' 
and also palestine
we're from palestine, 
said the eldest, 
                    he looked about nine
I frowned
               and he looked down
his brother then said
they're blowing up home
boom boom boom!
              my cat got left behind
but we'll pick him up soon soon soon
my aunts looking after it
            but she's half blind
we're from palestine
and so is our cat
         they're blowing up home
                    they're blowing up home
boom boom boom
soon soon soon
we'll pick up our cat
(we'll pick up the pieces)

they ran off then
to play football
with the others

boom boom boom
soon soon soon
(we'll pick up the pieces)