Thursday, 6 March 2014

words in an alleyway

see I got this theory
that there ain't really 
all that many people in this world
because everyone I see and meet
I seen before,
as i left through the back door
a glance, a stare, 
                            a smile
--a few to spare
that one time that one time 
                          that one time
turned into forever

and seeing you again
with that other dino guy
more than surreal, 
i recognised you 
from the colour of your highlights
in some back alley
of haringey

yeah and we
walked for a bit
and talked about shit
like gold shops and the past

you said you didn't remember 
the last time you saw me
I do, yeah I do
it was at the platform at south ken station
back when i was mental and almost through
with life

 but then
its strange like that
and you just
cross paths
when paths come undone
                            come undone