Saturday, 3 November 2018

"dark rooms"

LeT Go
just throw 
it all away 
settle in disarray
///a slow fade//
       lie in chaos
stare blankly up at the stars
no.... it won't last.
no, i won't ask.
anything of you.
ever feel like giving up
on love and life-
on doing whats right
ever feel like
you're losing sight 
of things that matter
nothing even matters
ever feel like giving up
on love and life
 sometimes its night
in my heart and soul
the world and its contents
seem empty and cold
*   * *** ***
the lights are going out.

one by one by one
 **** *
** *
maybe i should run
away /settle in disarray 
maybe i should never return
thirteen going on thirty
some lessons i will never learn
some things i will never understand
* - *
this too shall pass 
LEt Go